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Hope that you have enjoyed your visit!!

Sunrise, Oro-Medonte Township, Ontario

I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to leave some comments after visiting the site.

Judy Bostrom on Jun 06

Hello Eric! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures this morning while breakfast was in the oven. Wonderful eye and such a variety of subjects. I have Jean and Louise with me and am enjoying them so much I'm not sure I'll let them go home. Looking forward to you coming up over the horizon again some day. Judy (Bostrom's B&B)

Marie Richard Obrul on Dec 22

Wow... I'm very impressed! So talented!!! So many beautiful images !

Adriana on Aug 16

Hi Eric, I visit Drumscapes when I need to relax and do a bit of virtual travellling.....awesome photos!

Nancy Norris on May 29

Great eye, Eric. The "cemetary in storm" seems to come alive. You bring a special touch when photograging and the pictures invite you to be there. I love your work. Keep them coming

Nancy N. on Sep 26

Amazing photography, Eric. Some of the photos are magical and all are photos with which you can win awards. Love seeing the world through you lens. Keep them coming.

Garry Senter on Aug 19

Great eye Eric.

Danielle on Jan 23

I went for dinner at "At the Five Resto & Lounge" this past weekend, and was very impressed and intrigued by your photos of the graffiti work. I find it interesting how the colours in the photographs are so vivd, and the texture in the photos make it seem like you were right in the picture

Dawn on Dec 08

Eric, Just checking back to see that you've posted more photos -- they're great. Love the addition of the rotating photos on the landing page of your website -- good idea! I really enjoy looking at the photos -- makes me want to travel to far off places again! The really are stunning and sometimes whimsical. I look forward to more photos as you add them. Dawn

Glenda Erdelyi on Nov 01

Enjoyed seeing your travels so beautifully portrayed, whether at home or abroad! You have much talent and the website is quite easy to navigate. Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Hallett on Oct 29

Beautiful photos Eric, love the shots of Ontario -- brings back great memories! You've certainly caught some very interesting shots of the sky around there. Really enjoyed looking through all of the photos. Hope to see a lot more photos soon! Dawn

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